Junior Audubon

Junior Audubon

Junior Audubon is for young people and their parents. Our program includes outings and hands-on educational experiences - to learn about nature and science. Each outing is open to the public and free of charge (small donations to help cover materials or outing costs are always welcomed).

To participate in our program, contact our Junior Audubon Chair, Janeann Erickson, at erickson@ap.net

Current Events

pacific slope flycatcher

For more information about upcoming events, contact Janet at bosshard@sonic.net, or Janeann at erickson@ap.net. Times of these and other Junior Audubon events will be posted on this website closer to the dates of the events.

CBC for Kids

Junior Audubon

Join other young conservationists this winter for the half-day CBC4K in either Sonoma or Petaluma for a popular and rewarding experience.

Lincoln School Bird Festival

Junior Audubon

Volunteer to help with the festival activities each May at Lincoln Elementary School in Santa Rosa.

Young People’s Art

Junior Audubon

View samples from previous bird art contests in Sonoma County grade schools.


Audubon Just for Kids

BioMEDIA - Animal eyes

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

KidWings - virtual owl pellet dissection

Wild Birds Unlimited - Kids activities

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It's Nesting Season: trim trees in Fall! Trim Trees in Fall.

Nestbox Monitors at Ocean Song Nestbox Monitor

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Carved Bird Pins

In the 1970s, member Tom Olds hand-carved bird pins and sold them to raise money for Madrone Audubon. More